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iTunes U - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is iTunes U?

  • iTunes U is a free, hosted service for a college or university. Instructors, staff and organizational leaders can deliver audio and video content to others via Apple's iTunes Store. For more information, go to Apple iTunes U.
  • What is podcasting?

  • Podcasting is a way of publishing digital media files to the web, allowing people to subscribe to a podcast and receive new tracks automatically through an RSS feed. It is similar to how a person might subscribe to a magazine; when a new edition is published, it is delivered to you.
  • Is there a cost for Miami on iTunes U service?

  • No, iTunes U is a free service that Apple provides to educational institutions. All content available inside iTunes U is free to download as well.
  • How do I access Miami on iTunes U?

  • If you have iTunes installed on your computer, log in to Miami on iTunes U. If you don't yet have iTunes installed on your computer, download the iTunes application from Apple.
  • What does the Get Tracks button do?

  • Clicking the "Get Tracks" button will automatically download all the tracks under the current tab; clicking "Get" or "Get Movie" will download that specific track.
  • What does the Subscribe button do?

  • After you click the "Subscribe" button on an iTunes U site page, iTunes will download the most current tracks available from that site. And as new tracks become available, they will be downloaded through iTunes automatically.
  • Where can I find my downloaded tracks in iTunes?

  • Downloaded tracks are added to your iTunes library. You can also find them in a smart playlist called "Miami University" in the Playlists section of iTunes. Tracks are not added to the Purchased list.
  • Note that if you click the "Subscribe" button for the iTunes U site, tracks will be listed under the "Podcasts" category of iTunes.
  • How can I start using Miami on iTunes U today?

  • Go to the Quick Start guide and follow the directions that best fit your needs.
  • Do I need an iPod to use Miami on iTunes U?

  • No. As long as you have iTunes installed on your computer, you can preview and download any content from Miami on iTunes U. However, if you would like to use an iPod, you can download content onto the iPod.
  • Can I use portable media devices other than an iPod to play iTunes U content?

  • Audio content in MP3 format from Miami on iTunes U will play on most mainstream devices other than an iPod. However, video content are posted in an Apple proprietary format. They cannot be played on other devices. Only Apple computer, Apple software (e.g. iTunes), and Apple hardware (e.g. iPods) can play video content from Miami on iTunes U.
  • How can I receive help with questions about copyright materials on my iTunes U site?

  • There is copyrighted material eligible for use on iTunes U, provided that said copyright clearly states the content is distributable for academic purposes. To clarify, a movie that can be used in a classroom is not the same; the iTunes U service distributes content to all students that can access that site. So, the copyright must clearly state its distribution eligibility.
  • Our recommendation is to get in touch with the copyright owner and verify whether or not the content can be used in an academic content distribution system. You may want to review Online Resources about Copyright Issues and Your Responsibilities solution in IT Help. You can also refer to Apple's Copyright Overview (PDF) for Education.
  • Faculty may contact Advanced Learning Technologies at (513) 529-6068. Some copyright questions can be answered by the University Library, as well as the IT Services Print Center.
  • Where can students receive technical assistance for developing content (e.g., podcasting assignments)?

  • As with other technologies that are part of a course, instructors should expect to spend time on in-class instruction of podcasting fundamentals.
  • If additional assistance is required for student assignments, instructors can collaborate with the Center for Information Management (CIM) staff members and University Librarians on other opportunities. Given the large number of individual students enrolled in classes that utilize podcasting, the CIM cannot provide one-on-one assistance to each student. In-class overviews of fundamentals and techniques are more effective in communicating this information to a large number of students.

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