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iTunes U - Developing Digital Content

This web page will answer a few of the questions that instructors encounter when creating - or learning to create - digital content.

Visit the Miami University Knowledge Base for more technical details related to Miami on iTunes U (e.g., setting Tab access levels to use a dropbox feature). please use the feedback form on the left to request assistance.

File Sizes and Formatting

While Miami does not have specific recommendations or requirements on file sizes for podcast formats, Apple provides a document that describes the iTunes file options and guidelines for creating the best experience for iTunes and iPod users. Apple's iTunes U servers have a 1GB file size restriction, so individual tracks being uploaded into iTunes must be less than 1GB.

A good rule of thumb is to keep podcasts within or under 20-30 minutes and avoid files larger than 100MB. Many Apple software applications have export options for creating video in the various formats - like iPod, iPhone, iTunes, etc.

Ideas for Digital Content

If you would like some ideas on what scenarios are good candidates for creation of digital content or what other institutions recommend as content ideas, the following links may be useful to you:

Software and Hardware

Software - Miami has evaluated some of the options for developing digital content, resulting in a list of software recommendations that will help get you if you are new to content creation.

Hardware - Although Miami hasn't established recommendations for hardware, Penn State has made available their recommendation on hardware options for content development that may be useful to you.


Faculty who would like to learn more about Miami on iTunes U and podcasting may wish to enroll in 90-minute introductory sessions that cover both topics. Visit the TRAIN web site for online registration. If there are no sessions currently available, please use the iTunes U feedback link to request information on upcoming sessions. We are happy to work with you one-on-one, if that better meets your needs.

Miami University Libraries offer several workshops targeted at creation and modification of audio and video content. Visit the Library Workshop web site for online registration.

If you have an active MUnet account, you can also view videos from our Getting Started on iTunes U site (available when you launch Miami on iTunes U).

Podcasting Locations

There are several locations on campus that offer equipment and software that can be used to create podcasting content:

Center for Information Management (CIM) - Located in 112 King Library, this computer lab offers a mix of Macintosh and Windows computers and is open to faculty, staff and students. In addition to the lab, the Library recently completed construction on podcasting booths which are available directly across from the CIM lab (schedule a room through the CIM).

Learning Technologies Center (LTC) - Located in 200 Gaskill Hall, this computer lab has one Windows computer and two Macintosh computers available (student use only). These computers are located in an enclosed area that minimizes background noise levels during creation and editing of podcasts.

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